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Nutrition and Dining Articles for Seniors

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Nutrition & Dining
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banana ghosts snack
  • Halloween is a fun time to indulge in candy and treats. Learn how seniors can have Halloween treats that are fun, nutritious and mindful of their health.

a collection of sweet treats underneath a pile of sugar, in which the word "sugar" is written
  • Everyone knows too much sugar is bad for people with diabetes, but its negative health effects extend beyond that condition. Learn more from Embark.

several jars of spices, with a sample of each spice next to each jar READ MORE
a bowl of Mediterranean food READ MORE
a bottle and glass of milk, some brown eggs, and several pieces of sliced bread
  • Learn the benefits of adding omega-3 fatty acids to your diet from Embark. 

an elderly couple cooking together
  • Are you stuck in an eating rut? Get some tips from Embark on cooking healthy and delicious meals that help you enjoy eating well every day. 

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