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Fun Things to Do with the Grandkids

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Fun Activities to Do with Grandchildren
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Fun Things to Do with the Grandkids

February 22, 2021

Your new home in a senior living community may seem a bit overwhelming for your grandkids when they come to visit. Here’s how you can plan fun activities that will make them want to come visit again soon. 

an elderly woman reading a book and laughing with a child

Tap Into Your Community Amenities 

You’ve likely discovered some great amenities in your new community, like indoor and outdoor recreational spaces, social programs, and more. See what the options are for including your grandkids or reserving those spaces for some family fun.

Are you brand new to your community? Enlist your grandkids to help you discover all the new spaces, amenities and offerings featured at your community. It will help them feel more at home and be a great way for you to get to know your community. 

Keep Up Traditions or Start New Ones 

Plan how to carry on meaningful and fun traditions that have always been part of your family. If you hosted the holiday meal, see what opportunities are available to do that in your community dining areas. If you included your grandkids in special hands-on activities like baking or crafts, find out facilities in your new community are available to you.

Your new home may be the perfect opportunity to start some new traditions with your grandchildren. Decide together on a monthly theme (like Luau Night or Breakfast-for-Dinner Night), and plan accordingly. Or designate a particular day of the week when they will visit with a fun theme, like Taco Tuesday or Movie Monday. 

Put a Different Spin on Game Night 

Want to really connect with your teen grandkids? Ask them to teach you a mobile game. They likely have a number of games on their phones or tablets that you can play together. Better yet, download some classic board games or card games onto your tablet and teach them how to play! 

Explore Your New Neighborhood Together 

With grandkids in tow, get off campus and enjoy what your new neighborhood has to offer. You can go online to learn about parks, restaurants, shops and more in your area. Choose options that would appeal to your grandkids and go explore! You’ll build up some new memories for them and keep your connection strong. 

Embark’s monthly Port of Call is a great opportunity to incorporate some fun themes and activities with your family. Find out more here.

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