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Frequently Asked Questions

Here, you’ll find answers to commonly asked questions about independent living. 


What Is independent living?

Independent living is a style of senior living that allows residents to live life on their terms, without the responsibilities and costs of maintaining a home. Residents can expect 24/7 security, professional staff and personal assistance available if needed. By living in a community designed with the needs of active seniors in mind, residents can also choose from a wide variety of activities, programs and opportunities for fun, fitness and fellowship.

What skills should someone have in order to be eligible for independent living?

Independent living residents should still be relatively self-sufficient. They should be able to take care of their personal needs like bathing, dressing, eating, moving around their apartment and community common areas, and using the toilet. They should be able to understand and manage any necessary medications. They should also be able to  manage their money, safely use appliances and technology in their apartment and do light housework. 

What’s the difference between assisted and independent living?

Assisted living communities cater to seniors who are physically or cognitively unable to live on their own. In independent living communities, most adults live alone or as couples, without the need for personal care support or skilled nursing.


How much does independent living cost?

In general, the monthly cost of independent living can range from $1,500 to $10,000 a month. Compared to the costs of home-ownership – which include insurance, taxes, property maintenance and improvements, utilities, groceries, and possibly housekeeping – an independent living community may be more affordable than you think. Plus, you won’t have to worry about added costs associated with safety and security modifications, and you’ll often have access to convenient entertainment and transportation options you didn’t before.


How can I pay for independent living?

Medicare or Medicaid do not cover independent living. Costs are paid by individual residents, but some may find assistance with long-term care insurance or veterans benefits. Many residents pay for independent living by selling or renting out their homes, maximizing their Social Security benefits and/or cashing out investments.


What is the average age of independent living residents at Embark?

Embark independent living residents range in age from 55 to 100. The average age of our residents across all communities is between 75 and 82.


Are residents allowed to bring their own furniture and belongings?

Yes. Our independent living residents are encouraged to furnish and decorate their apartments to reflect their style and desired level of comfort.

What activities are available for independent living residents?

Embark residents enjoy arts and crafts, wine tastings, live musical entertainment, casino trips, visits to local attractions and events, tours, shopping and dining outings, fishing and boating, picnics and other outdoor activities, and more. Our social, creative, entertainment and wellness activities keep residents’ minds and bodies active, promote social engagement and friendship, and give residents opportunities to enjoy favorite activities and discover new passions.

What amenities are available for independent living residents?

In Embark communities, resident amenities include indoor and outdoor recreational facilities and fitness centers; entertainment and social programs; beautiful outdoor spaces with walking paths and gardens; restaurant-style dining for every meal; and scheduled transportation. Many Embark communities have additional amenities unique to their communities, such as an on-site beauty/barber shop, post office or gift shop.

What transportation services does Embark offer to independent living residents?

Our communities offer scheduled transportation seven days a week to take residents to doctor appointments, grocery stores, local malls and church services on Sundays.

What makes the dining program at Embark exceptional? What kind of menu can independent living residents expect?

We offer a restaurant-quality menu with a variety of choices daily. We provide three meals a day, and room service is available upon request. Three different entrees are offered at dinner and two at lunch. Plus, there’s an always-available menu for each meal. Residents can expect exceptional dining because our team works hard to meet residents’ needs and wants. At monthly resident meetings, we ask for input regarding meal preferences.  

What kind of common areas are available for independent living residents?

Our communities feature several common areas and social spaces, including fireside lounges, community living room areas with TV/DVD options on each floor, activity and craft rooms, libraries, poker lounges and more. Some Embark communities have indoor heated pool houses, spas, barbecue areas and exercise rooms. Learn more about available amenities by contacting the community nearest you or visiting their community page.

What safety features or security measures does Embark offer for independent living residents?

Our communities have 24-hour staffed concierge desks, secured-entry keypads for doors after hours and cameras at all entrances. We hold regular emergency drills, and there are smoke detectors and sprinkler systems throughout the community. Each night, we perform a security check at dinnertime. If a resident does not show up for dinner, we check their apartment to ensure they are safe and well.

Do Embark independent living facilities allow pets?

Yes. Our independent living communities welcome dogs and cats, and we have outdoor areas where residents can walk and play with their pets. Check with your individual Embark community to see if they have any breed restrictions or specific rules regarding keeping a pet in your apartment. Your pet’s vaccines and veterinary records should be up to date for the safety of your fellow residents and their pets, as well as staff and visitors.

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